Mummy Mondays 

Mummy Mondays is the phrase I coined when I changed my working pattern from Monday – Friday to Tuesday – Saturday. Despite this I generally tend to work most Mondays as overtime but I limit is so that I finish at 1pm.  Every Monday for the past two years my routine is pretty much the…… Continue reading Mummy Mondays 

Team Building

Pretty much every team building day or event that I have had to do has always been boring or a little bit cringey. On Wednesday this view was changed when I attended a team away day with my current employer. My workplace arranged for my team and I to attend a 4 star Hotel, provided transport…… Continue reading Team Building

Time Off

The last few days in work haven’t been busy so I have taken the opportunity to take some time off. I have worked the mornings but taken the time off to chill out and do some shopping. Or at least that was the plan! Wednesday afternoon I made the mistake of texting my mum to…… Continue reading Time Off

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Today is my boyfriends birthday and I will not get to spend it with him. The only thing about today that we have in common is that we are both working. Time-wise he is 9 hours behind behind me, location-wise he is floating about in the ocean somewhere near Alaska whilst I am sat at…… Continue reading Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder