Team Building

Pretty much every team building day or event that I have had to do has always been boring or a little bit cringey.¬†On Wednesday this view was changed when I attended a team away day with my current employer. My workplace arranged for my team and I to attend a 4 star Hotel, provided transport…… Continue reading Team Building

Time Off

The last few days in work haven’t been busy so I have taken the opportunity to take some time off. I have worked the mornings but taken the time off to chill out and do some shopping. Or at least that was the plan! Wednesday afternoon I made the mistake of texting my mum to…… Continue reading Time Off

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Today is my boyfriends birthday and I will not get to spend it with him. The only thing about today that we have in common is that we are both working. Time-wise he is 9 hours behind behind me, location-wise he is floating about in the ocean somewhere near Alaska whilst I am sat at…… Continue reading Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder