The Storm

You can sense the storm in the very core of your being before you ever set eyes upon it. There is a shift; the atmosphere changes and the air becomes electrified and charged. The hairs on your arms and the back of your next stand up. Then finally the sky changes.


The Moonlit Sanctuary – Victoria, Australia – 18th September 2017

The one place I wanted to visit whilst I was in Australia was The Moonlit Sanctuary. The sanctuary is approximately an hours drive away from Eltham, where we were staying. Public transport in Melbourne is really good and we had been using it to get around during our stay however, the sanctuary looked like a…… Continue reading The Moonlit Sanctuary – Victoria, Australia – 18th September 2017

A 24 Hour Flight Later – 27th September 2017

I’m home. Jetlag has started to set in – I am exhausted , irritable and nauseous. I didn’t feel too tired having slept on the plane but I got into bed for half an hour as my boyfriend had already gone to sleep and woke up, groggy and disorientated, 4 hours later. We went out…… Continue reading A 24 Hour Flight Later – 27th September 2017

From Lorne, with love…

It’s not often that you get to take a holiday whilst you’re on holiday and it isn’t something I had experienced until recently. As we have been staying with family in Eltham , North East of Melbourne, it’s safe to say that I have settled into the Australian way of life and it feels more…… Continue reading From Lorne, with love…

Upon Being Reunited with My Love

Through my anxiety my night terrors returned and I became so afraid of breaking the illusion of this overwhelming relationship that I messaged him and told him I wasn’t coming to Australia to meet him. He thought it was a joke and I was so tired and broken that I didn’t have the energy to tell him I was serious so I sent back two laughing emojis instead.

Preparing To Travel

I LOVE travelling. Up until recently, when I heard someone say that, I always envisaged them with a backpack travelling to some far flung, exotic place. I read an article not that long ago which stated that travel is something that we do every time we set foot outside our front door.   This statement…… Continue reading Preparing To Travel

Wedding of the Year!

In Holly world, “Wedding of the Year” happened on Sunday, 27th August 2017. This date has been drilled into me for the last two and a half years and yet, putting some finishing touches to the hangers I made for the bridesmaids last week I still had to call the bride, my sister, to check…… Continue reading Wedding of the Year!