Amber Cove, Dominican Republic – Azura 23.11.18

Amber cove is a brand new port for me. I was lucky that I get to go on a tour for the day and so I went snorkelling to 2 different coral reefs on a catamaran. The transfer across takes approximately an by coach and the landscape is constantly changing; from completely urban to lush…… Continue reading Amber Cove, Dominican Republic – Azura 23.11.18

The Year That Changed My Life

A little over a year ago, I made a decision that has turned out to be the best thing I could possibly have done. I was working for a premiership football club which was a job I enjoyed and a fantastic company, but I was in a rut – financially and emotionally. I was fresh…… Continue reading The Year That Changed My Life

Britannia – My First Week Onboard

So I have now been on the good ship Britannia for a week. Arriving in Barbados I was transferred to my hotel by the Port Authority, sharing with a Phillipino lady called Joy who was joining as a housekeeper. After eating dinner I managed to navigate my way to the shop down the road where…… Continue reading Britannia – My First Week Onboard

Christmas Day 2017

I have always loved Christmas; Not just the day itself but the whole run up to it. I love the sights, the smells, the whole experience. I love hearing the first Christmas song playing in the stores (usually way to early in September!), the decorations, the lights, the food. I love trying to find the…… Continue reading Christmas Day 2017

Upon Reflection… 27.11.17

There will be a few occasions in your life where great change will happen and you have to reflect on what you have done and how you can continue.   Over the course of the last two months things have happened that have made me question not only what I am doing with my life,…… Continue reading Upon Reflection… 27.11.17